Bobby Mills
Bobby Mills
Vital statistics
Position 8th from the start
Age 25
Status Gets through
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight 150lbs
Robert Charles Henry Jospeh Mills III (Known as Bobby). Is one of the male auditionists who gets throught the primary, secondary and main cut. He is best friends with Sheila Bryant.

Backstory Edit

According to Bobby, he grew up in a middle-upper/upper-middle family style home in Buffalo, New York. (According to him he couldn't remember the name of the town, though, he blocked it out). His mother was a cards player and cheated a lot. And his father was a big sports hero. He went to an extremely expensive school. Apparently called 'Jock City'. At the school, Bobby wasn't good at sport. And with his father being a sport hero, he had to pretend he had polio. Bobby enjoyed breaking into peoples houses and rearranging his furniture. He used to host musicals in his garage, and spray painted someone head to foot in silver spray paint. They had to be rushed to hospital because their pores couldn't breathe, but they lived. According to Bobby, when he was young he was a pyrotechnic. And set fire to his brother.

Songs/Lyrics Sung Edit

Signature Clothing Edit

Bobby's clothing is often a woollen beige patterned top on a light colored shirt, black trousers and shoes. A red ascot is sometimes added

Portrayals Edit

  • Thomas J. Walsh-Original 1975 Broadway Performance
  • Matt West-1985 Movie
  • Ken Alan-2006 Broadway Revival
  • Ed Currie-2013 West end revival (photo)

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